June 28-30, 2016

Palm Springs, California

About Event

PFS-Tech 2016 combines in-depth scientific examination and holistic strategic discussion to enhance innovation in patient centric injectable drug delivery systems.

Designed for all members of the combination product ecosystem, PFS-Tech 2016 delivers an end to end inspection of the drug-device development process, giving you the opportunity to engage with other thought leaders in this prospering community and drive  advances in parenteral drug delivery device technology.

This year’s agenda has been refined with insight our expert scientific advisory board to ensure its scientific content and topic focus is of the highest possible quality enabling you to:

  • Understand how to fully integrate and utilize human factors engineering from device inception through the full development process
  • Devise novel drug formulation strategies and assess the specific impact of extractables and leachables  on device engineering
  • Hear from those with commercial experience as they detail methodologies for building efficient manufacturing operations and reveal how to seamlessly transition into commercialization
  • Streamline quality control systems and unpick guideline requirements to accelerate regulatory approval
  • Learn how to design, manage and execute patient-centric injectable device innovation programs

With expert speakers never seen before, giving brand new perspectives, PFS-Tech 2016 will allow us to go beyond incremental gains and significantly move development and manufacturing forward.

In addition to showcasing exciting  advances in the PFS and injectables industry, we also want to take a moment to celebrate the science, technology, and most importantly the people driving these achievements. See the PFS-Tech Awards for more information.